Libra horoscope january 24

To fight this tiredness and your bad mood, avoid the busy city center and the teeming high-street stores this weekend. Your romantic nature is out in full force this week! To forget about the demands of daily life, you'll be looking for some mystery, passion and a sense of adventure from your lover!

Libra Daily Horoscope

Succeed in love and life with the advice from a trusted life advisor. This is the time to step back and look at your relationship. Are there things you need to change? Either you will break up without warning, or you will give your relationship a second chance, albeit under certain conditions!

Your finances are in a good position, and you may have a chance to earn some extra money. Saturn and Pluto will make you want to change your lifestyle. It's time to cleanse your body and soul! Looking for a fresh start, one of our psychic experts can help you find the path.

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Both of these signs like to be attractive to different people and they should find a way to communicate this need in the right way. The problem can arise when Libra starts to get attached and becomes emotionally dependent on their partner. This is not something Aquarius will easily deal with and it could damage the trust of both partners, in each other and their entire relationship.

Libra and Aquarius both have certain images to maintain. Libra wants to look nice and act nice for others, while Aquarius wants to go in the opposite direction of everyone, sometimes even if there is no reason to do so.

Monthly Horoscope: Libra, January - VICE

Since they both rely on communication, they will have a lot to talk about and will usually find a language to solve all of their issues. Libra is indecisive but once they make a decision, they will rather stick to it than salvage their relationship, even if it is a simple meal in question. Aquarius will have a tendency to walk away as soon as they feel pressured into anything, even if it is that same meal.

So basically, they could have an enormous problem about lunch if we talk about extremes. Still, they usually understand each other well on usual, daily things and have similar convictions that help them handle big changes in life well. In time, as they get to know each other, their personalities will get along better and they could realize that they respect each other to a point that is unreachable with anybody else. This is something they will get in a relationship with Aquarius and it could help them both build a very strong emotional bond.

Daily Horoscope January 24, 2017: Libra

They have strangely different goals in life, but if they harmonize them, their emotional bond should be very strong and develop much faster than we would anticipate. The biggest obstacle that could present in their way is marriage, at some point in their relationship.

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Libra is a sign that represents marriage and finds it very meaningful as the institution Saturn would support. Aquarius might think of it as obsolete, even run from it and they will probably enter it only for practical reasons.

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It is important not to make pressure to any of the partners when this point in their relationship arises, or they might both feel repulsed and angry, leading to unnecessary conflicts and even the end of their relationship. As much as Libra will value togetherness, Aquarius will value solitude. This could represent a big problem in their relationship, and Libra partner could seem clingy and not at all independent, while Aquarius might seem like an uncontrollable lunatic who would do anything to destroy all relationships in the world.

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Libra Daily Horoscope

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